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 Forum Rules Must Read!!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Must Read!!   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:11 am

Let's start:


* be nice / friendly
* try to be helpful
* if you got problems with some members DON'T flame
* if a relatively new member did something wrong, please direct him to these rules and/or report the rule-violating post by clicking on this icon without insulting/flaming him
* if you have a question you don't want to post on the forum, feel free to PM a moderator; he will do his best to help you


* if you post files which include trojans / keyloggers etc you definitely will get banned instantly
* if you flame / insult other members you will get an infraction
* if you post a question in a release section (which is marked with [NO QUESTIONS]) you get a warning / infraction (if it was your first time you'll get a warning , if you continue doing this you'll get an infraction)
* referrer links are forbidden; if you post one it will be considered spam and will end up in an infraction
* advertising without a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden and will be punished with an infraction (warning if it's for the first time)
* Advertising similar sites to elitepvpers is forbidden and will result in a ban (it doesn't matter if you've put a backlink on that site).
* Advertising your own forum hosted at a free-forum provider is not allowed.
* if you post racist comments, you will receive an infraction (a ban in harder cases)
* Baiting other members is forbidden, if you have a problem with another member please use our complaint forum to solve the conflict.
* if you want to spam, go to the offtopic and post there, but remember that even the off-topic is not a unlegislated area! Spamming in other areas will end up in infractions / warnings
* posting warez is forbidden, the violation of this rule usually leads to an infracton for the first time and a ban if you continue; requesting warez also is not allowed, if you do so you'll get an infraction
* doubleposting, or pushing up really old topics is not allowed and ends up in an infraction / a warning
* using survey download mirrors (e.g. sharecash) is prohibited unless there is another mirror option
* posting pornopraphic content (no matter what your definition of pornographic content is) will be punished with an infraction and in harder cases a ban
* using any avatar/signature/usertitle which could make members think you are a member of the staff though you are not, is forbidden and is to be punished with an infraction or in harder cases a ban
* abusing your avatar to add fake or custom ranks/badges isn't allowed
* abusing the thanks-system is prohibited; you are not allowed to sell or buy thanks from another member, only give thanks for useful posts!
* if you have 3 active infraction-points you will receive a ban

Click On the Spoiler Above Some Addition Rules was Add!!
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Forum Rules Must Read!!
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